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Five employment visa preference categories

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Immigration |

Immigration is a major topic of discussion in Florida and across the United States with debates as to how to address challenges related to it. Employment-based immigrant visas are commonly used for people to gain legal entry into the country to live and work.

There are five categories of employment visas. They apply to people based on what they offer. People trying to get a visa should know which category suits them and take the appropriate steps.

Know which employment visa category is suitable

An E1 – Employment First Preference – visa is for people who are considered priority workers or have extraordinary ability. Extraordinary ability would mean they have great skills in the arts, education, business or sports. Outstanding professors are researchers also fall in this category. They must have a minimum of three years’ experience and plan to seek tenure or conduct research at an institute of higher education. People who are managers or executives and worked for a U.S. affiliate for at least three years can also apply under E1.

Those seeking an E2 visa must have an advanced degree or possess exceptional ability. The degree must be beyond a college bachelor’s degree. For those with exceptional ability, they must have skills that surpass what is generally found in business, the arts or sciences.

E3 is for skilled workers, professionals and unskilled workers. A skilled worker under this category must have at least two years’ experience or training for employment that is neither seasonal nor temporary. A professional must be a B.A. from a U.S. school of higher education or an equivalent from another country. Unskilled workers are those who can fill jobs that do not require more than two years’ training and education.

For an E4, the person must be a “special” immigrant. There are myriad options in this category. For example, if it is a broadcaster who works in the U.S., they can seek a visa under this category. Interpreters in Iraq and Afghanistan fall into this category if they worked with the U.S. armed forces and other areas for a minimum of 12 months.

Finally, E5 is for an immigrant investor who is seeking to invest in new enterprises in the United States and will create jobs.

Understand how to get an employment-based visa

People with certain abilities and education can get an employment-based visa. It is wise to know which category is appropriate and how to show that they meet the requirements. As with any area of immigration, it is wise to go through the right channels, understand the process and take the necessary steps to achieve the objective of living and working in the United States.