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Make Your Will Count

A detailed and accurate will is the essential element of any estate plan. Cynthia I. Waisman, P.A. in Tampa and Clearwater can write your will in a straightforward way that will make your wishes known and avoid unnecessary taxes. Ensure that your plan becomes official and valid by following these steps.

Build A Comprehensive Plan

A lawyer skilled at estate planning may recommend other estate documents as they pertain to your unique situation. There may be an advantage to using other documents in your estate plan, such as trusts. Above all, having an experienced estate law attorney help you craft your will can bring peace of mind: You will have a legally binding document that accurately represents how you want your estate disbursed.

Update For Validity

If you now consider Florida your primary residence but wrote a will in another state, it may need to be updated to be valid in Florida. Also, if there have been changes in your family since you wrote your will, such as a divorce or the addition of a new in-law or grandchild, the document will need updating to reflect the change.

Contact Us To Find Out More

If you die without a will, a probate court will decide the disbursal of your property and assets, costing your family time and money. Call the firm of Cynthia I. Waisman, P.A., at 727-219-9009 to learn more about wills and estate planning in general, or contact us online to schedule a free 10-minute consultation about your concerns.