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What type of visa do you need for your foreign-citizen fiancé?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Immigration |

Many situations in immigration law involve efforts to bring family members into the United States. Seems simply enough, right? Well, as anyone who has been exposed to the immigration system in America knows, nothing is ever simple.

There is a complex, bureaucratic process that has to play out in seemingly every scenario. And there is a different type of visa for almost every situation.

Fiancé visa

What is the process for trying to bring your foreign-citizen fiancé to America? That would involve the K-1 visa. But, if you are going to apply for this type of visa, you’ll have to be prepared to move fast with the intended marriage. According to the terms set out by the U.S. government, this visa allows the foreign-citizen to travel to America in order to marry a U.S. citizen within 90 days.

There are, of course, myriad eligibility requirements that must be met in order for a K-1 visa to be issued. For example, both people must be free to marry when they apply for the visa – and they must stay that way as the application is pending.

It is also common for the government to examine when the people applying for the visa met. Typically, this must have occurred within the prior two years, although there are certain exceptions to this requirement.

There are many other requirements as well.

And there will obviously be a number of documents that must be submitted when applying for the visa. The application must be filled out correctly, for starters, along with submitting passports, birth certificates, photos, evidence about the relationship and, of course, payment of the processing fees. If you are gearing up to go through this process, be sure to get the right information about what you need to do in your own unique situation.