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Exercise Your Options With Green Cards And Visas

Are you seeking a green card or visa? There are many options, but also many complicated rules that need to be followed. At Cynthia I. Waisman, P.A., we have two decades of experience helping people like you obtain green cards, and we can guide you through the process.

Green Cards For Permanent Residency

Achieving permanent residency status, often known as a green card, makes it possible to live, work and study in the United States. You can also:

  • Sponsor other family members for a green card
  • Travel outside the United States
  • Apply for United States citizenship after five years
  • Buy real estate and own your own business

Green cards allow 10 years of residency in the United States and are renewable. Our firm works with all paths to green card status, including marriage-based green cards, VAWA green cards and consular processing.

Visas For Several Reasons

There are visas available that allow you to stay in the United States for a variety of different time periods. Each type of visa is for a particular purpose, such as:

At Cynthia I. Waisman, P.A., we can help you get a visa for yourself or a family member. Whether you need a fiancé(e) or investment visa or want to study in the United States, we can help you make your dreams a reality.

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