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What causes delays in the immigration system?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Immigration |

The family immigration process can be confusing. With so much at stake, you need to carefully walk through each step of the process so that you or your loved one doesn’t end up being denied the immigration relief sought.

That said, there can be a lot of delays in the process, some that are within your control and others that aren’t. Let’s look at some of them so that you know what to expect.

The biggest contributing factor to immigration delays is backlog. The immigration system in the United States is woefully understaffed, which means that it can take a significant period of time for your or your loved one’s application to be processed.

Any application that’s been pending for more than 180 days is considered backlogged, an issue that affects thousands upon thousands of immigration cases. Some types of family visa applications, like those pertaining to siblings, can be delayed longer than others given their lack of preference. Unfortunately, there may not be much you can do here.

Complete your paperwork

One common type of delay that you do have control over, involves the completeness and accuracy of your application. If you’re missing information or the government has to investigate your application more thoroughly, then it can take significantly more time to process. So, be sure to be as complete, accurate, and thorough as possible when seeking immigration relief.

Do what you can to speed along your immigration process

While there’s a lot that’s outside of your control when it comes to the immigration process, you need to seize control over what you can. Be as thorough and as persuasive as possible in your application so that you don’t give the government a reason to deny or delay your claim. If you’re unsure about how to protect your interests throughout the process, then be sure to educate yourself as much as you can and wrap yourself in the support that you need.