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Requirements for a fiancé visa

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Immigration |

Becoming engaged is an exciting event. As you plan your wedding and imagine your married life, it is natural to want to spend as much time with your fiancé as you can.

This can be difficult or impossible if your fiancé resides in another country and you intend to get married in the United States. You can bring your fiancé to the United States with a fiancé visa, but it is important to understand the requirements to obtain one.

Citizenship and marital status

There are several requirements you must meet to be eligible to apply for a fiancé visa. You must be a citizen of the United States and both you and your fiancé must have been allowed to marry legally in the United States.

If either of you were previously married, those marriages must have ended by divorce, death or annulment. Being separated from a spouse while still being legally married will make you ineligible for a fiancé visa, even if you have been separated for many years or do not know your spouse’s whereabouts.

In-person meetings

You and your finance must have met in person at least once within 2 years before you file a petition for your fiancé visa. Therefore, you will not qualify for a fiancé visa if you have never met your fiancé in person.

Finally, you and your fiancé must intend to marry within 90 days of your fiancé visa being approved. When it is approved, your fiancé may be admitted to the United States.

Applying for the fiancé visa

Once you meet all of these requirements, you are likely eligible for a fiancé visa. To obtain the visa, you will need to submit the petition for fiancé visa and submit certain documents.

Missing one of these steps or not submitting the correct documents could result in a denial of the fiancé visa, which could delay your wedding and future. An immigration attorney can answer your questions about requirements and help you through the process.