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Immigration, affidavits of support and sponsor responsibilities

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When a person comes to the United States from another country, it is important that it be known how he or she will be supported financially. In Florida and across the United States, those who are bringing another person to live in the U.S. should be aware of the requirements under an affidavit of support and the sponsor’s responsibilities. Since immigration is currently a major topic of discussion, taking the necessary steps to ensure everything is in order beforehand is crucial.

Key points about the affidavit of support

Those who sign an affidavit of support for an immigrant to live in the U.S. are agreeing to use their financial resources to provide support to that person. In general, it lasts until the lawful permanent resident becomes a citizen of the United States or accrues 40 quarters of work. This affidavit must be submitted when immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are being sponsored. They are split into preference-based categories.

A first preference is adult children of U.S. citizens who are unmarried. Second preference are spouses of permanent residents and their unmarried adult children. Third preference are the married children of U.S. citizens as well as their spouses and unmarried minor children. Fourth preference are siblings of the U.S. citizen and unmarried minor children.

The sponsor must meet certain responsibilities saying that they agree to provide financial support to the immigrant. If there is a divorce, the support must still be provided until they meet the criteria of becoming a lawful permanent resident or accumulate enough work. If the immigrant received public benefits based on means, the sponsor must repay it. Failure to do so could result in a lawsuit. If there are joint sponsors, they too are responsible.

Having assistance with immigration law can be helpful when dealing with challenges

In their enthusiasm for getting a relative to the United States to live and work, people often gloss over the importance of understanding the law regarding support. Signing the affidavit of support is a major commitment that must be followed. When moving forward with helping a loved one with immigration or dealing with problems related to the affidavit of support, it is wise to have professional assistance for all aspects of a case.