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How foreign nationals can receive training in the United States

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Immigration |

Foreign nationals who wish to receive special training in Florida or other states may be able to do so after obtaining an H-3 visa. It is generally available to those who would not be able to receive similar training in their home country. It is important to note that this visa cannot be used to obtain a formal degree or to obtain training in the medical field.

An individual who holds this type of visa is not authorized to work in the United States. However, he or she may work for an employer if it is necessary to complete the training program. To qualify for an H-3 visa, an applicant must have been invited by the school or institute that is offering the course. Those who take part in a training program must be able to articulate how the program would help their career and promise to leave immediately after it ends.

There are two different types of programs that an individual could take part in after obtaining a H-3 visa. First, a person can apply to learn more about various industries such as finance, transportation or agriculture. An individual could also take part in special education programs. These programs are typically designed to help a person learn more about the physical, emotional or mental challenges that a special needs child might have.

Those who need help obtaining visas to live or work legally in the United States may want to talk with an attorney. An attorney may be able to help a person renew a visa or provide insight as to what happens if a visa were to expire. If an individual remains in the country after a visa expires, legal counsel may assist a person during deportation or other legal proceedings.