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Immigration and Crimes – Trump pushes ICE harder to Arrest

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2018 | Immigration |

Trump’s strict stance on immigration is pushing local police agencies to arrest foreign nationals for the slightest of offenses, including certain traffic offenses. If you are arrested and convicted of a crime and receive probation/community service as your penalty, you are not safe. Rather, at the end of your community service/probation, ICE will likely now come and meet with you and determine whether you are removable and possibly arrest you. In other scenarios where you are arrested, ICE may come and see you early in the case while you are in custody of the local authorities. In the past, small crimes, i.e. DUIs, petty theft, were sometimes not part of the post probation ICE investigation. Now, it is becoming more common that ICE is notified about the arrest and is conducting an investigation, with the goal to put the individual in removal proceedings or immediately detain and deport.

In some situations, there are valid immigration defenses available for an individual in this situation, however, in many situation there may not. So, be careful in your daily interactions and do not encounter any criminal activity so that you are not selected for an ICE investigation, as the penalties may be severe.